About us


Established in 2016, Neutral States Clothing was born out of a desire to see knit and woven fabric come together in one garment. The main goal of Neutral States is to bring knits and wovens to a neutral zone where they can coexist together in a beautiful and complimentary way. Everyday we're testing the limits of the inherent characteristics of knits and wovens to form a new and different kind of apparel.

All the clothing for Neutral States is dreamed up, designed and created in Philadelphia, by the owner/designer DC Claassen. She has been hand-knitting for fourteen years! And just recently, in the last four years, has also learned to machine knit. While earning her M.S. at Drexel University in Fashion Design, she gained a great respect for wovens, whether they be stiff and shiny like taffeta or delicate and light as gauze.

With all this knowledge, together with the wonders that both knits and wovens offer, we come to this neutral state, this calm between two worlds, to balance. 

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email: info@ neutralstates.com 

For more info about DC, listen to this interview podcast created by Gabrielle Mandel of Supra Endura!!