Mini Collection for Fall 2016!

This Fall, I wanted to design easy pieces that exuded a cool girl chic; a mysterious edginess. Three-fourths of the designs definitely cater to the desired aesthetic I had in mind. There was something missing though. There lacked a wow factor, a unique quality that every collection must have no matter how large or small. So I decided to experiment more with my knitting and dabbled in the wonderful world of color! I introduce the spectrum sweater! 

I used a knitting method called short row shaping to achieve the desired arch of color. I love it! It's like a little section of the color wheel and such a inspiring way to combine different yarns and textures. The chunky alpaca knitted yoke gives it more of a sweater vibe and is endlessly fun to knit, I might add! I will continue pushing myself out of my comfort zone of white, grey, and black to see how to far it will take me- how uncomfortable I can get before I fall in love with whatever I comes out of that apprehension of not being in my element. I'm already excited to design and dream about Spring.

I want to give a large and in charge shout out to my beautiful model, Lelia. She contacted me on instagram and told me she enjoyed my brand and asked if I needed a model. The universe really provides beauty. And Lelia is certainly that. She brought a cool sophistication and a kind of subtle sensuality that I really loved. I found that capturing this combination was effortless. I am so excited and inspired by the photos which I took myself (!!!!) that now I really would like to take a photography class. So many things to learn and experience! 

As a person of color, I feel that the state of this country has become so precarious and terrifying since the election, to say the least. In the midst of this political climate I feel as though I'm standing on a very jagged cliff while huge gusts of wind are pushing me closer and closer to the edge. Thankfully, I have Neutral States and a wonderful community of local makers, designers and creatives that I'm holding onto and cherishing and that makes life very fulfilling. 

Life is so short, that I try to take in as much pleasure from the beauty in this world. I hope I'm adding to it...

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